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Welcome to our new site!

Founded in 1971 as Grass Lake Area Historical Society, this group of forward looking historians chose to rename to Grass Lake Area Historical Connections in 2015. Our new name reflects new projects under development.
The Coe House Museum, 371 W. Michigan Ave, is an Italianate brick house built ca 1871 by Henry Vinkle. It is arranged to highlight life in a small village at the turn of the century. Events held throughout the year welcome visitors to tour the home and learn the stories of area families.
The Coe House sits near that site where two interurban rail lines, the Detroit Urban Railway (DUR) and the Michigan Urban Railway (MUR) crossed when the electric rail lines began moving people by means other than horse and buggy. The rise of the interurbans changed the world of a primarily agrarian society into one moving off the farms to nearby cities. In early 2013, the defunct DUR interurban line at the museum's south border was acquired by the Society. With it came increased interest in the traction lines and in the history of native son, William Anson Boland, founder of the MUR. By November, 2013 the Society had acquired a Boland steel rail car as a community restoration project. This project has moved steadily forward, with new volunteers joining regularly. See Car 29 for additional information.
Recognizing that the interurban display would be a static display, the group sought out and partnered with the Michigan Military Heritage Museum group. This group had formed to develop a museum to tell the stories of Michigan veterans through the development of dynamic and informative exhibits. This partnership has truly lit a strong flame of interest local and statewide as projects develop to move to the establishment of a regionally significant museum project. Current projects include preparing an 18th century British cannon on extended loan from the Detroit Historical Society for exhibit. Locally donated burr oak will be used to build an authenically reproduced carriage for this cannon which was rescued from the Detroit River in the 1990s. Also underway is a project to replicate a World War I ambulance, using a 1917 Model T body with a wooden bed, just as those used in that war. See Michigan Military Heritage Museum for additional information.
Response has been huge  to provide artifacts and stories of Michigan veterans. For that reason, we've moved forward in the development of the Michigan Military Heritage Museum and will open Phase 1 in November, 2016 at a beautiful new building at 153 N. Union Street, Grass Lake. Phase 1 will be the development of a regionally significant museum of rotating exhibits telling the stories of Michigan veterans.
We are in the midst of a fund raising campaign to support our new facility for the combined Car 29 and Michigan Military Heritage Museum.  Details may be found by clicking on the Wall of Honor tab. We've developed a campaign that we believe is inviting to anyone interested in preserving history and in honoring our State's military veterans.
Our goal is to develop this website into a tool that you will return to often. Join us for access to the members section. Your log in will lead you to an area which we are developing to assist you in research and answer questions about our many happenings. Come back often to see what's new!


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Electric rail cars are not new. Learn about those from the turn of the last century. This 1870s homestead tells the story of local people and events. Featured are rotating exhibits of historical significance. The stories of Michigan's military veterans and the role of the State in war and peace.